Elaina MacLean, LVT, CVPM Hospital Director

Elaina Maclean

Elaina grew up in Rhode Island and attended The University of Rhode Island, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences and a minor in chemistry. Not long after graduating, she began her career in veterinary medicine. Elaina has years of experience at various levels within a veterinary practice, including veterinary technician skills in both general practice and advanced specialty medicine, inventory management, and practice management. Elaina took a lead role in the development and opening of all our Fetch hospitals and continues to work toward the success of each of our locations.

Some interesting facts about Elaina: She has been a competitive swimmer since the age of 4. She even swam Division 1 on a swimming scholarship in college. She has an affinity for all animals, especially her dogs, cats, and chickens! She also enjoys family time, warm weather, cozy campfires, and anything that has to do with water.